Get ready for The Road to Nowhere book 3!

Q & A

  • The Road to Nowhere-

    In 2013 the Road to Nowhere was picked up by Permuted Press. Permuted Press will be releasing their edition once the final edits have been made. Book two will be released following book one, but it is unclear as to when.

    Update: Book two will begin the editing process in May 2014!

  • When is Chance Escape going to be re-published?

There are many drafts of Chance Escape. Hopefully soon, but finishing up the Road to Nowhere series is priority.

  • When was it first published?
Chance Escape was first published early in January 2011 on Amazon. Although it received generally positive reviews, I felt as though it needed to be shortened.

  • Why did you unpublish it?
At the time of publication, I'd felt it had been polished to its full extent (edited down, as it was a large book). I have many drafts of the novel. I'd written it over a dozen times, taking in what readers had to say. Being my first novel written in college, it was rough. Much work has been put in to it, and we will hopefully see a finished novel in 2016.

  • What's next?

The Road to Nowhere Book 3- Publishing this year!


  • How often do you write these days? 
Everyday. I try to squeeze in an hour or two. Four at most, since I don't want to take too much time away from my family.

  • How many books/ novels have you read in your life?
Anywhere from 1,500 through 5,000- I'm not sure, once you pass 1,000 it becomes difficult to keep track.

  • What's your favorite genre?
It's difficult for me to answer that. It depends on what I'm in the mood for. I like everything from Urban Fantasy to Sci-fi and Horror.

  •  Where were you born?
Washington State.

  • When were you born?
June 17th 1980

  • Where do you currently reside?
San Francisco & the mountains during the winter season.

  • What shows have you enjoyed in the past?
Favorite shows for my daughter;