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Chance Escape Sample



The attic was small. Its uneven walls protruded out in strange dimensions, which gave a further impression of confinement. For that reason, I’d say it was more of a crawlspace.
Paranoia had driven me here, but I felt more secure staying in my miniscule temporary lodgings than I had while sleeping in my apartment’s master bedroom. My cheaply constructed front doors hadn’t seemed nearly sturdy enough to keep the infected from forcing their way in, or anyone else.

  • Downloadable sample coming soon! 6/1/2014
Chance Escape has been a working progress for me over the last few years. Each time I believe it's finished, I re-think my decision and decide it's still not what I want to be known for. The feedback I've recieved so far has been;
It's entertaining, It's too long, or so forth. With Chance Escape, I tried to veer from the traditional huge group of survivors trying to make it through from beginning to end. Instead, I've taken a character, focused on his struggle for survival while traveling alone, then eased into bringing in several other characters much later in the book. 
The first draft had ten thousand over one-hundred thousand words. I edited it down in 2012 to near 90,000 words, then later that year, I managed to bring it down to 70,000 words. Today, The Road to Nowhere is taking much of m time with the final edits.Once The Road to Nowhere (all books in the series) have been handed to Permuted Press for their final edits, then I will go back to Chance Escape for one final round at editing.
I'm anxious to get these books out, but at the same time, I want to make sure the quality still remains. I hate rushing out a book just for the sake of having a new title available. I hope the quality will continue to show throughout my works.

I'm always open to feedback;