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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Road to Nowhere: Book 3

The Road to Nowhere: Vanishing, which is book three in the series, will be published this year. Each week, a new chapter will be released on this blog, until the final book is made available for purchase.

I wanted to post about the general construction of the series, as well as some of the lesser known facts regarding the ideas that led up to the book.


I knew I wanted to write something within the post-apocalyptic genre. I began with an outline, and tossed some ideas around. One of my main concerns was, well, if I decided to do a zombie themed book, how could I capture the reader's "suspension of disbelief". If I was going to spend time working on it, I wanted it to be plausible. I always thought it should be detailed, almost as though you yourself were there with the main character. I did some research, before deciding on where I was going to take this book. In the end, I settled on making the creatures zombie-like, but not quite. They should be more dangerous than hordes of slow moving dead bodies. It becomes clear in book 1, what exactly the protagonist is dealing with.

Character Building--
When constructing the characters, I had given each specifics traits, talents, flaws, backgrounds, and modeled them after what I imagined them to be. Just like the locations, many of the character's attributes are based on people I knew or met at one time or other.

The tone of the book--
Some of my favorite books are written through the first person perspective. It always makes me feel as though I am there, as opposed to watching the scene unfold. I've tried writing a few third party perspective short stories, which I might release at a later date, but they just didn't feel right for a full novel.  I chose first- person; past tense narration, because, at the time, It flowed more naturally for me. I put myself into the protagonist's shoes, feeling out how they would react and putting it down in words.

The Concept--
I've spent an unnatural amount of time reading books and watching movies/television shows. My favorites are sci-fi, horror, thriller, and urban fantasy. Often, I see a scene that seems unrealistic. How many times to people split up, only to get picked off one by one? How often will someone press their weight into a door to keep out something horrible, not looking for weapons or a way out? I wanted to make my books more real, with reactions that people would normally have. Sure, there is the suspension of disbelief, but that only goes so far. 
The people behind the writing--
With book one, my wife and I went back and forth line by line. She highlighted anything that she felt needed adjusting, left notes on what I should elaborate on, and kicked it back to me. Advice from someone willing to give you an honest opinion, helps you see what potential readers might point out.
We're currently going line by line with book three. 

End Notes--
I hope you guys will enjoy the weekly chapter releases.

For now,

Take care!