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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Although computers are a necessity for modern times, they seem to always breakdown in new and interesting ways. An example would be my former laptop. A juice spilled on the motherboard, frying it. No problem, I thought. I can switch out one of those. I've done it before.

Ordered another motherboard from Ebay. Accidentally sent to prior address. Instead of forwarding the package as is done with any other mail sent there, it was delivered. After contacting the local post office, they picked it up. I was told it would take a week later to forward. Once received, I find out that the ram slot was damaged, rendering the motherboard useless.

Ordered a second motherboard, sent the original back. Was refunded, minus their shipping as well as mine. Double screwed.

Second mother board arrives. Seems fine, so I go ahead and install it. This one has a bios administrator lock, also rendering the mother board useless.

Now I go ahead and buy a new laptop (not a refurb). It has windows 7, but why not upgrade to the new Windows 8?

After the upgrade, everything was fine. Computer boots in less than ten seconds. Noticeably faster performance, and I didn't miss the start button much. Then I closed my laptop lid to make a snack. Upon opening it, the screen stays blank. Damn.
I do a hard reset, but whenever I close the lid, the screen stays black. Even with the computer set to do nothing while closed.

Then I figured out while randomly pressing on the laptop's keys, how to correct this. All I have to do is turn the wifi button on and off. Then the screen comes back on. Why this is, I don't know. I guess it's one of lifes little mysteries, or just a glitch.

my website is now up and running. I'm still working on adding a few elements and editing the html with the proper links, but for the most part, it is complete.

I'm working on trying to catch up on all the work I missed with my website, writing, edits, and so forth.

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