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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Road to Nowhere/ Updating my blog


Currently, I am working on updating my blog. Most links aren't usable yet.
I need a break from working on blog updates, so I'll be back tomorrow to finish up.



Alright folks,

I spent last night as well as this morning going through The Road to Nowhere.
If you purchased the book within two weeks, you won't see too much change in the newest edition (The two changes probably won't even be noticeable)
If you purchased the novel in early 2011, there's been quite a few changes. None of the plot elements have changed, just details.

As reviews come in, I will always try my best to satisfy my readers and make changes. The good thing about an indie book, is well, it's pliable. Nothing has to be permenant. I'm trying my best to deliver a quality book, I hope it shows. ;)

Sometimes a simple paragraph added is the solution, and sometimes simply taking something away will work.

I was going to place the Road to Nowhere as a new title, but it should be re-published with all the same page likes, product tags, and reviews soon. My ranking and placement will be slightly damaged, but time (a few months) will hopefully take care of that.

I have now signed up for kdp select.

I have mixed feelings about it, but at the same time, I want to give my book out for free. I say it all the time; Wish there was a way indies could permanently leave at least one select title available for free longer than allotted amount of days through Amazon.

My website lee.argus.com (seperate from my blog) will deploy in December (the 24th) with free direct downloads, so those of you who look for my works can go there. There will be titles I don't offer on Amazon on my web page. At the leeargus.com website, you can always re-download a novel for the latest version.

To download, you'll just have to click on the title, this time it won't kick you to another web site.
Later in my indie resource blog, I'll explain how to create a web site and everything I did to complete the process.

Random bits;

Thanksgiving is approaching. I've been prepping the house, doing maintenance, cosmetic repairs, and  I'm not even close to completing it all. We decided to go with a beige wall color for the livingroom, so we'll be painting this week.

I always go in for a haircut, but this time my wife insisted that she wanted to give it a try. She sounded confident. I don't know why I let her, I guess I didn't want to upset her. After a few mess ups, she then shaved me bald.
Never agin. Never.

I'm going into town today specifically to buy hats/caps/ and maybe a beanie. My heads cold. The weather hasn't been too bad. It drops to a little higher than 30 degrees at night. Indoors, we keep the heater on and set to 68.

Gotta buy wood sometime and try out the new fireplace.