Get ready for The Road to Nowhere book 3!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Road to Nowhere Unpublished

Thank you for everyone who has reviewed The Road to Nowhere! It was extremely appreciated. I was able to take in what worked well and what needed adjusting. I am unpublishing the novel while I make minor changes to resolve what did not work.

The Novel will be available for free on December 24th for a five day period along with Chance Escape, The Red (Palmer's story), and an additional short story in the Chance Escape Series.

Also, in October I used a service called bookrooster, which connects an author's book with honest reviewers in exchange for a copy of the book. I only received one review from them, but it was helpful as well. I would not recommend the service though. http://www.bookrooster.com/

Last month 671 copies were sold. Ranking, sales, etc- I am not too concerned about, which is why starting fresh back from scrap doesn't bother me. My first month published, I think I sold 30 copies... I'll probably start all over again (around the 30-50 copies a month). If you'd like to help me, placing a review after reading the newest December version would help as well as product likes and tags.

So far, all of the reviewers have been spot on, and professionally opinionated.  Thank you!

Please feel free to grab a free copy in December and re-publish a review for The Road to Nowhere. Sorry for the hassle, but changes need to be made!

A little over 1,400 sales in two months and very few reviews... I wonder if others have the same difficulty getting product reviews. I'm always astonished when a product gets 11 reviews or more in one month (when it is the author's first book on Amazon), when my experience has been 10 in a year and one through a book exchange for review. Anyway, this month is a very slow month for me, so I'll take advantage of my time and work on The Road to Nowhere. I think book two has a lot less that needed fixing. Well, I have remained busy, and after December, I will work hard to get book 2 out and ready for all.

take care-

Also, someone hacked into my yahoo email a few weeks ago. Please email any questions to lee.argus80@gmail.com--- I use a Japanese password, so it's not like it was common, and I never used the password for another  site. I'm honestly puzzled. Anyway, yahoo is looking into it... so hopefully I'll recover it, and perhaps use a more complex password.