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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holloween with Lee

I had to share this with you guys.

How was your Holloween? Hopefully good.

My wife and I purchased a small, ok miniscule cabin in the woods of Southern California as a secondary home for the winter season, since my wife loves snow. In Germany I used to snowboard and got pretty good at it ;), so this year though I'm 6 years older since the last time I even tried, I decided it would be fun. It would be my wife's 1st time.

Anyway that's why we moved out here. To enjoy nature, go on hikes, stay away from Mc Donalds, and possibly attempt to snow board at least once in December. My daughter, our only one, we've decided to home school.

Anyway, We went shopping in advance for all sorts of candy, chocolates, and even decked out the house. We expected a surge of trick-or-treaters.

Well, we waited--- and waited--- and when it was close to eleven pm, it became apparent that no one was going to come by.

We love kids, we wish we were ready to adopt one, and wish we were capable of having another. So we were amped up to see the little ones, and bring joy to their lives with tons of candy, but no one came. I blew out the candles in the pumpkins at midnight and stood up watching Sword Art Online with the wife. We're huge anime fans.

http://kat.ph/horriblesubs-sword-art-online-07-720p-mkv-t6588821.html  (a site I just googled)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sword_Art_Online (wiki)

We don't exactly live in the middle of nowhere. There are surrounding cities, we're just closer to the forest. It could be that no one wanted to walk up the hill to our house, or the cold, but we were disappointed.

We went into town yesterday. Candy was half off. The store was full of the good stuff; all the top name brands for a little over 2 bucks. Maybe people aren't that into candy here, since it wasn't exactly flying off the shelves.


Well, a while ago I updated a post and stated that I rescued two stray cats. I was able to adopt one out to a good family. There was a third, but it was way too old and feral to tame, though I tried. After a few gouges in my hand, I decided to let him go, but I did fatten him up enough. The second is Friskers, but she continues to hiss, has stopped clawing though, and is still anti-social. She is now at a healthy weight. She was the runt. I considered giving her to a no-kill shelter, but local ones said that they had no more room. I'm worried that since I cannot adopt her out, I may have to turn her over to the regular animal shelter. I don't want to do this. I'll try craigslist. I honestly think if she was given more attention, within time, she'd be like any other indoor cat. She does relapse though. Last month she clawed the hell out of me. I can't give her to the shelter just yet, they'll probably put her down since she's not yet adoptable.

Eli and Friskers had been struggling to survive. I had fed them a few times after seeing them horribly emaciated, then they began to wait the entire night in my back yard for table scaps and water for several weeks. They were just small kittens then, but have grown significantly since. Eli was the most adoptable. He'd even sigh every time he was pet and always purred a storm. Friskers continues to remain frightened, but we hope she'll soon break out of it. Our recent move has not helped the situation. If I cannot find a family for her, I'll post a link on this blog to a few videos of her and pictures.

I'm sure me stating semi-feral cat for adoption needs a home is not helping. She's more tame than not, but she does have her moments when she acts up, and may claw. I considered de-clawing her, like Artemis and Cosmo, but I probably won't take that path.