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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Road to Nowhere, Chance Escape, and Randoms

September 8th 2012- 2:32 AM
It's all on hold- As of right now I'm working to get book 2 of Chance Escape and the Road to Nowhere out.

Below is an old post, but I'll keep it up on my blog and update the status of the following in the upcoming months.

Old post below;

I've been concentrating this past month on the animations for both the Road to Nowhere and Chance Escape. (I switch between the two)-

I had hired help, but I'm begining to question if I should stop and focus my attention elsewhere. Rendering scenes, editing key frames... getting the camera work (lighting/ angles), creating new charachters, and using multiple softwares (Sony vegas, sound forge, DAZ 3d, and a few others) is taking a lot of my time away. I keep reminding myself that the end product will be worth it, but progress is slow, real slow. Realistically, at the pace I'm going, it will take a year and a half for a film to be ready (Maybe I should make an episode for both titles instead of an hour + film.)- I'd have to re-write my script, well, shorten it, and cut a lot out.

I'm not far enough along to create a trailer just yet (but I do have clips ready for certain part of it)  I did slap together a basic, and I mean a real basic trailer with Taryn. It took literally about 10 minutes. There's no animation in it though. It's now on my author's page on amazon.

I have re-published The Road to Nowhere, and it will remain up this time, inspite of the lack of trailer I had wanted, and the lack of the audiobook still not ready. (It's about half-way through). For the mere purpose of the audio book, I've had to go back and make changes, to make it read better out loud. There were a few things that sounded tacky or off. Alot of re-writes have been put into both Chance Escape and The Road to Nowhere over the last two years, before that, they had never been touched. They were just collecting dust.

Origionally I was going to release Palmer's mini series, but I took out alot, and combined the three novellas, and made it into a short story. I know you're probably wondering why I would do something like that. Well, I didn't like all the details, the pace, and the amount of time it took to get from point A to point B. It's now a compressed version of all three.

I've written 15 novels, and many short stories, and a few novellas. I won't be publishing a few of my works, but most will become available throughout hopefully this year and next year.

I'm conflicted between going back and re-reading these, and doing a fair amount of re-writes, or making my animations, and audio books. I'm juggling school right now,  managing my shop, and spending time with the family. I'm not at all complaining, I just wish I could pick up my pace.

When I do re-writes, it's slow. I second guess my lines/ sentences. I usually do five re-writes of the re-writes (as a whole). It took me a year for most novels to be written, and the short stories, admittingly, took little to no time. They were the in betweens.

Contention (originally titled Down & Out has been re-written to a strict detective/ mystery novel. It veers out of the post-apocalyptic/horror genre. June 1st it "should" be in my hands as the final draft and ready for publishing. (I'll update you on that.)

The Road to Nowhere will be found on B&N, Smashwords, and in paperback within a month. For now it's only Amazon.

Chance Escape will follow the same publishing order. It should be up by next week.


On to other things :)
Last year, during my trip to vegas, I splurged and wasn't vegan. I had all sorts of pastas, chocolate, and sea food. That was the last time I was well, not myself ;)

I was driving and passed and In & Out burger (They used to be my once a week treat). Best low cal (compared to others) burgers. In fact the only burgers and fries I'd ever eat. I was with my wife when she said if there was one thing she missed while being vegan, it was In & Out. So we both got in line and ordered a grilled cheese with grilled onions (Basically a meatless burger.) My wife loved hers, but when she said she missed it, that's what she missed. She never ordered with meat on hers. It was always a grilled cheese with grilled onions. I know, it probably sounds weird, but they have a secret menu, like a five  by five animal style, and others. So I tried the grilled cheese for the first time. I never had a meatless during my days befor turning vegan. It wasn't as great as my wife always said it was, but it did satisy. Plus we both could eat the fries since they're not cooked with meat. Though we usually don't eat food fried in oil.

Technically we did break our vegan diets (due to the cheese and buns), but it wasn't something we felt guilty about. I think as a vegan, it's ok to allow yourself to have a treat every now and then, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. (Perhaps someone would have a different opinon, but hell, as long as you try, that's what counts.)

My wife used to hate soy milk, but now she loves it, as well as rice milk and almond milk.

There's a must see movie called "Fork over knives."


I had no idea that milk had that effect on our bodies.

Anyway, blog later this month or next :)
until then,