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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update: Chance Escape is being edited. December 24th Re-publication date (available for free for 5 days). Para revisions are complete. I apologize for the delay.

Publication Date:

Readers, bloggers, and literary aficionados,

I hate to say this, and I don’t think there’s an easy way to break into this, so I’ll get it off my chest; there’s going to be a delay in Chance Escape’s publication. For those of you who purchased a copy in early February of 2011, you will see several new changes to the final edition.

Thank you for those who’ve expressed that they did enjoy the novel. Upon re-reading it, I discovered that some of the wording needed revising.

Being that it’s the final edition, I need to make sure I am content with the end product (I had found it satisfactory before, but it could be better). The Road to Nowhere, was more polished than Chance Escape, and had more re-writes than any of my other works. I am working at a constant pace to bring Chance Escape up to par.

Its new publication date has been moved to the first of next month, as well as Palmer’s novella since the two are in the same series.

As far as the other publication dates, they remain the same, and will more than likely be published a few months ahead of the listed date. The dates provided were “at the latest” dates.

Once Chance Escape book 1 is complete, it will remain available for purchase. As of right now, The Road to Nowhere is the only title available.

I will be doing a free promotion for Chance Escape to make up for this delay. (June 1st) – mark your calendar!

Thank you for reading this post-

As always, do take care!

Lee Argus