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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Road to Nowhere and Chance Escape Updates

8:38 pm- update: formatting has been fixed. :) Well, the Road to Nowhere is now published on amazon once again. It will become free at midnight or shortly after. It will remain free until midnight on the 24th.

This is the full length novel, never before released on amazon. (The first half had been released in early 2011.)

This book won't remain published, it's coming down off of amazon soon after the free promotion ends, so there's no need to post a review, unless you really wanted to.

Ok, there's one problem with the formatting right now, it should be fixed by noon tomorrow during the free promotion. Sorry about that.

Please don't buy the book today. Again, the formatting is off. Hopefully you'll be able to grab a copy tomorrow, if you're not too busy.

Thank you guys for the suggestions made, I went back and incorporated them into the book. You'll see that chapter one is noticeably different than the first version released in 2011.

As per Chance Escape, I wanted to release it today, but it's not going to happen. My editor sent me his final, and I sent him my last minute revisions, and now I'm waiting for him to proof it again. I take full responsibility for this, so again, sorry for the delay. It will be available for free on the 20th of next month, but again only for five days, then it will be removed from amazon.

My audio book for the Road to Nowhere is still in production as well as the animations for both books. This is why both books will not remain on amazon this year. Palmer (from chance Escape) has a mini series that will be coming out this year, so I'll update my blog when the novellas are up for free.

Mid to early next year these titles will stay on sites like B&N, Amazon, and so on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
Lee Argus-