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Thursday, February 9, 2012

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I’ve tried to fight the temptation of writing another page on my blog, but couldn’t. Here’s what’s been going on;

If you haven’t heard already, I probably won’t be publishing this year. If I do, it’s more than likely because I’ve decided to accept the offer and veer away from self-publishing.

I’ve added a new page to my blog. It’s the “Road to Nowhere” page. You’ll find that chapter one has been altered, though not by much. Chapter two has been altered as well, but is not yet posted.  

I would like to make my books available for free and may be doing that within the next two months. I know a lot of you are anxious to read the continuation of The Road to Nowhere. I do plan to add the first chapter available on my blog, just because I feel my readers deserve it. I haven’t posted in a while, and yet I know there are still many dedicated people who want to read more because the page hits are still coming in strong. Thank you.

I wish I could get it over with and fork out my eleven novels and hand all my followers, email subscribers, and blog readers a copy of all of them. I am having difficulties finding an editor. Chance Escape has literally gone through four editors and upon reading it, I found many typos. It was disappointing.

The Road to Nowhere has had three editors, all different and yet it is also filled with typos. I think my original draft had less.

So now I’m in the situation where I need to hire a good editor to edit my previous editor’s work. I’m not upset, again, just disappointed. I am personally apologizing to the copies that everyone currently has. I’m now in the process of researching a reputable company, rather than an individual, and hopefully that will solve the issue I’ve been having. I will let everyone know one month in advance when the “New and Free” versions are available.

There is much to expect from my upcoming novels. I literally can’t wait to find the right editor so that the process of distribution may begin.

Later this year (In August) I will be doing a giveaway for my readers, if I do decide to publish; I will let everyone know what day to expect a post, and the first person to email me will receive the free paperbacks of The Road to Nowhere and Chance Escape along with a personalized thank you letter, (considering giving some of my favorite shelf- stable vegan grocery products), a custom Lee Argus pen, a customized notepad with your name on it, and a Chance Escape or the Road to Nowhere T-Shirt. Redundant Note: If I do publish this year, the giveaways won’t be until July though, just giving everyone a heads up. The second to email me will receive a personalized thank you letter, a Lee Argus pen, and a copy of the complete “Road to Nowhere.”

I will change up the giveaways once they begin. I have tons of ideas, like gift cards, or my favorite fruit bouquets from edible arrangements dot com.

For now, I’ll have to say goodbye once more.

I  want to say talk to you later this year, but I can’t promise I can refrain from the addiction of blogging. I will say; there’s still much to do, so I won’t be able to blog often.

With that said, let me end by saying something lengthy;

The Road to Nowhere will be an ongoing series. Every year you should expect something new in the world of “John”-

Chance Escape; I have begun to write the continuation. I have four chapters into it, but again I write one book and a half a year and all previous books that have been published, were from later years.

  • Chance Escape was written while I was a freshman in college. It was most recently published in 2011, but it is temporarily unavailable. It has a generally speaking, large male and female following. I’m surprised being that it was written several years ago, it has stood the test of time. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed it and given it a rating over its last publications. This book has been altered and now has four more new chapters and a ten page epilogue whereas the previous version did not. It is now over 360 pages 8x 5 standard print.
  • The Road to Nowhere- was published as a half book, but will soon be published as a full length novel. Due to difficulties of finding an editor, the book was unable to be published as a full length novel. With the most recent editor, the part that had explained why the term “Kuru” was used had been deleted. This has now been fixed. Note: I give my editors the ability to add or take away if needed. The sentence where Stephanie had been wearing makeup has also been removed. Perhaps the editor thought it would appeal to the feminine audience. I was disappointed to find this out and it is now fixed. The action begins again with the second half and slightly veers away from the relationship that John had developed with Rachel and becomes more similar to chapter one.
  • The next release will be Down & Out.
Detective Joe Hobs is pulled out of his decision to quit his job by the please of a woman in need. This last case becomes more than he had bargained for as his mundane life is catapulted into the occult world that he never knew existed.

  • Before Chance Escape and the Road to Nowhere was published, there was a title called, The Steel Web. This was in 2010. I had it available for a while, but un-published when I moved to California. I didn’t hire an editor for it, but once I hire a good one, it will be on the to-do list for him/her. I plan to re-publish it early next year. I will be creating a page for it soon. If you’re into heavy gore then you’ll like this psychological thriller.  This book is not for everyone. It has an 18+/SMR (Mature Readers Suggested) rating.
  • Chance Escape and the Road to Nowhere have a 16+/SMR (Mature Readers Suggested) rating.
  • Rating: What does that mean? Well, I’ve decided to give my books an aged-based rating. A 16+ means I recommend that the reader is at least 16 years old due to reasons I will have listed. Basically this is a rating for parents so they don’t have to read the whole book to find out there’s graphic violence, light use of profanity… that sort of thing. Each book will have an aged-based rating along with the listed details as to why it was rated as so. Hope this helps the parents who’ve emailed me with concerns. Karen aged-rating was a wonderful idea. Thanks!
  • Will I loose sales this way? It’s possible, but I’d like to be honest about the material in my books. As a parent, I understand other parent’s concerns.
  • It is a fact that most authors are against aged-based ratings. Well, I guess I’m not one of them.
  • This does not mean that these are teen books, because they’re not. I don’t write teen books, but being that they’re popular, I probably should. I’ll add it on my long list of what I need done.
  • Personal Note: I just ate a great salad that had Tofu in it. If you haven’t tried vegan food, you should look up a vegan restaurant, you’ll find that you and your date will have fun trying something both beneficial for your health and tasty.
  • Personal backstory: As a child my parents would take me to the drive-in theatres. I’ve made it a habit to take the R.V. and bring my wife and daughter to one. With a small child, it’s easier to enjoy a movie that way. I saw “The Grey” last night.
  • Lastly; I have a blog that is intended to help those who are interested in becoming writers and publishing E-Books. I will occasionally post a “How to” article there, but it will be less often than my posts here on my main blog.
  • Indie Resources
  • If your having trouble loading this page, all my posts will be placed at the alternate blog.
  • Writer Looking Through the Glass
A web site with a dot com, will be up in August. I will post a link to the web address once the web designer is complete, but only if I decide to make my novels available this year.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!

     Take care!

Lee Argus-


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