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Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Post until 2013

It's been a while since I've last posted anything. Well, I'm going away for a while and hate to say goodbye, but must. I said in a recent post that this year has been the year of preparations and it has. Book trailers are being made, my writing is ongoing, and the editing process is going well, though it will be months before half of my books are edited. Instead of being indirect about publishing this year, I've decided I'll come back to blog and release new novels (at least 9 of the 11 written).

I won't be able to blog... for the next six months I'll be concentrating on school, work, writing, and my family. When I do come back January 1st there will be much catching up to do between my life, writing, and my readers. I look forward to that.

I do have exciting news to share. Nina Kovovach (the hired animator and her team) will be collaborating with me to produce a short movie roughly about 40 minutes. I'm familiar with rendering animations, creating complex scenes... but I am not an expert.. that's why I needed the hired help. So come next year, the short film should be released for free viewing.

I use Maya as does Nina and a few other softwares. There are some other softwares that are easy to manipulate and create your own animations and trailers. I'm a huge computer nerd so if you have questions about specifications ie; processor speeds, ram, video cards feel free to email. I may not be blogging anymore, but I'll still be checking my email. So on with it; DAZ3d is available for free only until the end of the month. The company is doing it for promotional reasons. The normal price is $429.95 for this program. Two other softwares are free as well. You can download all 3 and you don't need a credit card on file unless you want to add a non-free item.
The link is below. There's plenty of youtube tutorials available online if you decide it's something you'd be interested in.

Software Page for DAZ
All Products Page


all three are free for a limited time.


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