Get ready for The Road to Nowhere book 3!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I woke up this morning after a series of bizarre dreams. I don't usually have dreams, but when I do I hardly feel rested. I guess I've been watching too much of bbc's Doctor Who.

Well, it's another day in this new year. Another day to pick up my laptop and begin writing again. Chance Escape is near completion, as far as editing goes. Then there's eleven novels that await editing as well, after that it'll be one novel a year (given that's my normal pace to write a novel)

I'm 31 years old, even though people often confuse me for being younger (it's the asian genes). I first began writing about ten years ago. Chance Escape, as you probably already know, was my first book I wrote for my creative writing class in college.

The Road to Nowhere was my second novel I wrote about nine years ago, but I've decided to publish it third this time around. Down & Out will be second. The first half was previously published on multiple sites for free with the exception of amazon. When The Road to Nowhere is re-published it will be a complete novel instead of being split in two parts. :)

*On to other subjects*
Anna, a reader and now good friend of mine has written more posts on her blog. You can find the link on the far left side of this page (above the page views counter). Or you can find her link on the previous post below. (I'm using my Android to type this, sorry if there's typos).

I'm taking lunch at a small vegan shop. I just ordered all natural pomegranate juice, and tofu scramble.

Even though my wife and I don't eat meat or dairy products, my three year old does. She is a very picky eater and we didn't want to deprive her of nutrients (My wife and I take supplements, eat lentils, beans, tofu... etc to make up for the lack of meat in out diet) She refuses to touch greens or to eat what we eat. She eats Mc Donald's nuggets quite often. My wife and I think it's sick, but as long as she's not going hungry, we're happy. We'd like for her to make her own decisions rather than be forced into lifelong veganism with us. We're almost sure though that when she grows of age, she'll probably be a vegetarian, if not it's ok. :)

*well, time on my watch is dwindling
down, so I have to go for now. Take care!!!!*