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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Good morning everyone!

I'm not usually a morning person, but I'm up and out of bed drinking a cup of coffee. I missed another full night of sleep. I stood up with my wife watching various shows and watch the J.F.K movie from the 90's. My wife had never seen it.
A few years ago I'd go for morning jogs, I thought about going for one this morning but I'll save my energy for playing and enertaining my daughter.
I have a lot planned for this week and hope to get in as much writing as I can. I've worked on a few chapters for the sequel of Chance Escape (to be released next year). I've decided, in a few months I'll post the first chapter on my blog.

I would like to work on my other blog "Indie Author Resources"- but it'll be a few months before I even begin to blog there. My time is very limited. Once it is up I'll post the link to it. I basically will cover everything from creating a TOC with hyperlinks, book cover tutorials, page formatting, etc-


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