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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Down & Out (post updated September 8th 2012)

September 8th 2012-
I had the first chapter up for a while, but brought it down. I tend to do that.
Anyway, the new title for Down and Out is now Contention.

Here's a miniscule of a preview;



Work as usual.
Ice settled in my glass.


Yup that's it. That's all I can give for now since it was brought to my attention from another reader that the preview I had up several months later was ripped off almost word from word by another author. No harm there, I just re-wrote the whole chapter one, but won't be publishing samples until the week of publication.


Seriously no harm done. I'm not into drama, I'm too damn old for that, so oh well. I never addressed the author, but who cares? I know I've read it somewhere before that technically most material in fiction is a derivative of another author’s work.


It’s late. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s 2:55 AM, and damn too early to think. Late but early- Now I’m just rambling.


Anyway, it reminds me of the incident I had with The Road to Nowhere. Someone literally took my work, then published it as their own, adding and taking away here and there. (Just Google sentences from your book at random if you are an author)

I don’t mean to bring up old history, so I’ll let it go. It happens. This is part of life. I think I can understand why it happens, but it shouldn’t.

Old post below;

I will be posting the first chapter from my novel Down & Out tomorrow. Just thought I'd let everyone know.