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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chance Escape on amazon

September 8th 2012-

It was up, then it was gone. Jim butcher wrote the Dresden Files book 1 a number of times before finding it to be complete. I'm not Jim Butcher, but I've done several re-writes to Chance Escape.

It was first a 100,000+ word novel. I brought it down to 60,000, then recently re-wrote and added more elements to it, making it to 75,000+. Currently it's 96,000 words. I'm trying to cut out details where I can.

I'm hoping to re-publish it again for free on December 24th and 25th of 2012-

Old post below;

The original version had a total of 17 chapters. I just received the final copy of Chance Escape (from my editor)

The extended version now has 22 chapters and a ten page epilogue. The novel is now 363 pages long (8×5 standard print)

The extended version will now be the only version online. It can only be found on amazon.com
and is now available for purchase however, it will be made available for free on the 30th of this month.