Get ready for The Road to Nowhere book 3!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Temporary Covers

I hired a new cover artist for my books Chance Escape & The Road to Nowhere. I have temporary covers up, but until the new covers are finished, they'll remain in place. It'll probably be a month before they're completed.

Indies- apply for an EIN on IRS.gov for tax purposes, and your cover art expenses are tax deductible. Hope this helps any newbie authors out there. :)

I haven't updated my blog in a while, I have old schedules up and whatnot, so I'll be updating it this week.

Tomorrow I'll be driving down to the Palm Desert area, where my family is vacationing. I'll take a few pictures to post on my blog. It's beautiful out in the low desert, but vacant, especially in areas like Salton Sea, Thermal, and Brawley.

* Down & Out is being edited, and is still on schedule for a late february release.
*Thirteen Beneath will begin the editing process as soon as Down & Out is released. It should become available in four months, if all goes well.

*I have been working on extending the last chapters of Chance Escape and adding a few additional. I'll keep everyone updated when the new version becomes available.

I've also been working on a sequel for Chance Escape. I often hear that some authors can type a whole novel in a month or two. If only I had that ability. Chance Escape will take seven months at minimun. I have the habit of doing many re-writes until I feel more confident about the overall story. The now published Chance Escape had several versions prior to it.
Though I'd like to publish the sequel as soon as possible, I don't want to disapppoint readers with something rushed.

Hopefully you will find Down & Out and Thirteen Beneath, (both novels written a few years ago) more than satisfactory while I work on the continuation of Chance Escape.

I'm currently reading "A Call to Arms" by Alan Dean Foster. It's one of my favorite space/ sci-fi novels. It's very original. I'd recommend it, but taste is selective.

Take care everyone and have a good evening.