Get ready for The Road to Nowhere book 3!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

* Announcement* Schedule for free copies of my books

Every 1st Monday of each month all my books will be available for free. For those who have both books, my new novel will be released at the end of February for free on every first Monday of the month as well.

If you miss tomorrow's free book day, I will have them available for free on the 25th of Decenber. Tomorrow is Thursday, however, I had already told other readers on another site I'd have them available on the 15th, so I'm just holding up to my word.

*A side note: I paid for a new cover artist and it didn't come out as well as I hoped. My covers on The Road to Nowhere and Chance Escape will be reverted back to the originals. * It caused minor stress, but there's no point in breaking into a fret over something so minor. In 4 days or less my cover issue will be solved. If you have the current less appealing version of my books, I apologize. Please download a free updated version as a replacement.*

My books can only be found exclusively on amazon for now, at least as far as I am aware of :)

If I could, I'd place my books for free everyday, but I can't. Writing is a hobby I am very passionate about. My books will be available for free once a month for anyone to enjoy.

Authors if you'd like you can email me and I'd love to blog about your books. Readers, Thank you for future and current reviews, I love to hear feedback and take in both praise and constructive criticism.

Chance Escape and The Road to Nowhere were my earlier books I had written a few years back. I'm publishibg my ebooks in the order I had written them.