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Sunday, June 5, 2011

My trip to Vegas

Walking in the late evening-
I stood at a few Hotels and this one (Paris) was by far the most comfotrable.

Le Village Buffet- I ate there and wow it was good (Don't tell my wife I said that! ;) I loved the bow-tie pasta and the lobster) Yum and then I finished it off with chocolate dipped strawberries.

I've been to Vegas several times before, but I could never get tired of how breathtaking the night is. The city really comes to life with all the lustrous lights.

We went inside the Titanic artifact exhibition and it was interesting to see and read remnants of the time (past letters, see items that belonged on the ship, etc)

I had a good time!


  1. beautiful photos!

  2. I ate at le village buffet. It was expensive but heck yes the lobster was delicious. Now i'm salivating.

    The food was better than most of the buffets I don't think they had any of that deep fried junk.

  3. aww now I miss Vegas! I had some good memories there. So this trip, was it to help inspire your writing?


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