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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Old Yearbook Photos

My wife and I were beginning to pack some stuff away today, for our move in June. She ran into some of my year book photos, so we took a moment to sit down. She hadn't seen some of them, even though we've been together for nine years ㋡. I thought I'd share some of them with you guys. 

I went to Darrington High School in Washington State. I was the guy who sat in the hallways during my lunch. I was always lost in a book, and after school I'd go the the park and shoot some hoops. ヅ I was in the Drama Club and when I wasn't out hanging with my best friends, I was back to reading novels like; Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Weave-World, The Puppet Masters and comics. #ProudNerd ;) 
Thor, Deathlok, The Fly, Quasar, and The Avengers, were among my favorite comic series. I'd kept some of them over the years. My wife was surprised to see that Hawkeye in the comics looked nothing like his character in the new Marvel movies. lol.

Anyways, hope you guys have an amazing night! ✌♡

-Lee Argus

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fun with the Family

I hope Everyone has a great Easter. My wife and I have kept the tradition in telling my daughter the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the tooth fairy are in fact real. Although I'm sure once she begins to attend her new school this year, she will begin to catch on to us. (We can't help it. We love the joy it brings her.) ♥ My wife has been home schooling her for some time, so that's how we managed to keep the tradition alive. We'll more than likely be leaving eggs out tonight, trailing into the hallway and random places... to convince her that the Easter Bunny paid her a visit while she slept. She's eight years old now, but she took after me, and looks big for her age.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. ツ



HANA ZEN (They have awesome sashimi)



Take care everyone! Have a good night!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Road to Nowhere, Book 3 Update

I hope everyone has been enjoying their new year so far, as much as I have been. I have exciting news for fan’s of the Road to Nowhere. The official publishing date for the last book in the series is Friday October 13, 2017.  I don’t intend for it to be rescheduled for a later date. This year, I’ve made some last minute changes in the novel, and introduced a new character that will have their own stand-alone book.

As many of you know, my wife helped construct various plot points, created the character “Michael” and helped with re-writes in book 1 of the Road to Nowhere, during book 2 she was less involved, as her school schedule interfered with helping with the project, however she didn’t want to take credit for any involvement. I’d like to put her down as a co-author for book 3, if she’ll let me. Book 1 remains highly rated and I’ve received more positive feedback for it than book 2. Thank you to everyone who has placed a review, as I learn and develop from what seems to work. 

In this final book of The Road to Nowhere, I’ve made sure to close open ends and answer the questions that John had about his past.  Although the Road to Nowhere series ends and delivers closure for John, I felt that the apocalyptic world that he lived in was still unfinished. This is where the new character comes in. The story about her will close up the some of the loose ends, and will be placed in the same apocalyptic world, with the Kurus, but will take off where John’s series ends.

I’ve been extremely busy lately and haven’t been able to blog. I might be creating an Instagram soon, only because it will be easier to just upload a photo and show what’s going on in my life. I’ll post a link once it’s up later next month. 

I’m getting back into Firefighting. It’s something I’ve missed doing, and the time feels right for me to enter that career path once again. One of the reasons why I chose Fire Dispatching instead, was because I didn’t want to be away from home during my 24 hour shifts. My daughter is older (8, can you believe it?), and with my wife’s encouragement, I believe our marriage will survive through those times when I’m away and can’t be with her. We’re opening a new chapter of our own in our life and we’re closer than ever. I feel lucky to have married my best friend who has stood by my side throughout all these years. We’ll be celebrating our 9th anniversary this coming April. 

We both have a hectic month ahead. She has a trip she has to take early in April, and I have one I have to take around April 28th-31st in Washington state for the (CPAT)—a firefighting physical test as well as the written test. 

I’ve released chapter 1 & 2 of book 3 on this blog, and will release chapter 3 next week. I’ll try to keep the chapters coming at least once a month on this blog, until The Road to Nowhere: Paths taken is fully and officially released in October.

Have a beautiful day everyone. Thank you for all the love the Road to Nowhere has received so far! 

-Lee Argus